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@mistaphill @SirDailyDeal @jokertodd1 @KeithOlbermann what's next? The 1919 Blacksox scandal? Christmas Eve!

About 5 hours ago from Tom Leykis's Twitter via Twitter for Android

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From Tom’s Blog

The Buy Nothing Year: How Two Roommates Saved More Than $55,000

They spent the first three months (August through October) phasing out all consumer items, such as household objects, electronics and clothes. Then, they cut out all services, including dining out, salon haircuts, and gas and instead began hosting lots of dinner parties — and biking or walking everywhere, even during Calgary’s long, cold winter. (For his 35-minute walk to work, Geoff would don long johns, winter boots, scarf, mittens and a hat. Though he was already fit when the year began, he lost an additional 10 pounds. When he had to go especially far, he took the bus.)

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California bill defines what it means to say ‘yes’ to sex

Instead of “no means no” – the phrase commonly associated with sexual assault prevention – the law would require “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement” by each party to engage in sexual activity. If Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signs the bill into law – he has until the end of September – colleges and universities would have to adopt the so-called affirmative consent standard to continue receiving state funds for student financial aid.

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YOUR NAME IS YOUR DESTINY: Trial ordered for Cameo Crispi, accused of using bacon to start arson fire

“I asked to come in and observed a wood stove left open with a fire burning inside and hot coals on the floor around the stove,” the officer wrote, noting that he also found a pound of bacon sitting on a cookie sheet on top of the kitchen stove.

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TV Producer In Beverly Hills For Pre-Emmys Event Arrested For Being Tall, Bald And Black

A film and TV producer recently told his tale of being held for six hours by Beverly Hills police while attending a pre-Emmys event because he looked like a burglary suspect.

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Charles Belk’s Facebook page.

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MORE ABOUT THE SHOW NO ONE WILL EVER WATCH: CBS to launch all-female sports talk show ‘We Need to Talk’

“This is a very proud moment for all of us at CBS Sports,” chairman Sean McManus said in a news release.

“A sports show featuring all women is long overdue and we are thrilled to be able to make television history this fall with the national launch of ‘We Need to Talk.’ “

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Who has the “Best Podcast?” LA Weekly‘s Best Of 2014 wants to know. NOW! Click below.

Who has the "Best Podcast?" LA Weekly's Best Of 2014 wants to know. NOW! Click here.

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PUSSY! Henry Rollins apologizes for suicide article

So, you took full advantage of the attention you would get by writing a piece for LA Weekly called “Fuck Suicide.”  Then, after the blowback and anger was even more than you’d imagined it would be, you folded like an accordion and wrote a follow-up apology called “More Thoughts on Suicide.”

You’re a big boy, Henry Rollins, and I believe that you knew exactly what you were doing, punk rock-style, when you tried to enrage people with the first piece. But your explanation for your apology is disingenous.

I believe that you apologized in order to protect your livelihood, such as it is today, to shut up anyone who might be jeopardizing the income you earn, not because you’re sorry.

These pathetic apologies are happening more and more as professional iconoclasts such as yourself try to get attention by being outrageous, then try to have it both ways by apologizing.

Are you trying to claim that you didn’t know what you were doing when you wrote “Fuck Suicide?” That’s bullshit. You’re 53 years old, and you’ve spent a lifetime showing everyone what an iconoclast you are. If you’re going to be outrageous, have the balls to say what you mean, and stand behind what you say.

Or just shut up.


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